Brian Linnekens suggestions on collection calls to disabled

If you are disabled and living on a limited income it’s very hard to face those collection calls from rude individuals who will try every trick in the book to get you to pay through your nose all you owe to a particular financial institution. On the other hand Brian Linnekens suggests that you don’t have to take any kind of rude behavior from any collection agency in any case especially if you are disabled. Collection agencies are bound by a set of rules and regulations that need to be followed.

Knowing your rights and the Fair Debt Collection Act will help you a long way in dealing with the various kinds of collection calls that may bother you while you are trying to arrange for the funds to pay off your debt. There are many a things that collection agencies and collection agents can’t do. According to Brian Linnekens if you know the dos and don’ts of these collection agencies it becomes quite easy for you to handle the calls that they make to you.

It will also have a far reaching affect in settling your debt with much less hassle to you as an individual. A Collection agency has no right to harass you. They are not supposed to use foul language and profanity while interacting. If ever you are subjected to profanity or foul language by a collection agent you can take the resource of law and sue that individual and agency in the court of law.

Collection agencies can’t call you continuously to ask you to pay the bills. There is a limit to the calls that a collection agency can make. If you are not willing to take calls at your workplace you can tell them straight away not to call you at the workplace. Collection agencies are bound to send you written statements about your debt.

If ever you find your debts inflated with interest that was not agreed to in the original documents or fees that were hidden from you, you can easily question it from your collection agency. If they are not able to provide you a satisfactory answer or you find that the interest and fees have been wrongly added to your debt you can challenge it in court.

Remember one thing no one can arrest you for the unpaid debts unless you don’t get to the court on the dates that have been fixed to hear your case. If your debt collection agency tells you that you will be arrested don’t panic and remind them about the Fair Debt Collections Act. Collection agents are not supposed to discuss your debt amount or even the terms and conditions with anyone else other than your spouse or attorney only when you give an approval to them to talk to them about your loan.

A collection agency does not have any right to comment on your credit score as it is your personal matter. No collection agency can scare you by saying that they will be ruining your credit score if you fail to pay the debt in the required time frame.

Brian Linnekens suggests consulting an attorney at the earliest if any debt collection agency or collector ever defies the Fair Debt Collection Act. You can sue them in the court.

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